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Taskar Chemicals

Taskar Chemicals was started in 1974 to service the metal forming industry by producing various technically advanced lubricants to substitute costly imported alternatives. After a successful period of operations it was taken over by Eurosyntec Chemicals Pvt Ltd. in 2010 and has been fully restructured and renewed, enlarging the production capacity and modernizing the laboratory to test raw materials, in-process materials and finished goods.

The plant is located in MIDC Roha, India, which is a prime industrial area with all the necessary industrial facilities. Taskar is licensed to produce an entire range of dyes, pigment preparations, paints and lubricants. Its modern effluent treatment facilities permit it to do this in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Taskar Chemicals offers the entire range of dyes and pigments of Hollindia International BV, as both Eurosyntec and Taskar are part of the Hollindia Group of Companies. The production of lubricants for the process of metal wire drawing is also still a core activity for Taskar Chemicals.

About Eurosyntec Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Eurosyntec was established in 2010 as being a part of the Hollindia Group of Companies and focuses on the production of Car Refinishing and Industrial Coatings under the brand of Holcar Coatings BV. Eurosyntec’s manufacturing facility is located in Rabale, Mumbai from where it serves customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

Holcar Coatings BV is located in The Netherlands and is backed by European technology and laboratories. Its products comply with all international environmental and safety regulations and requirements.

The Rabale plant has a well equipped modern laboratory. Specific market and industry needs and performance levels of each product are closely monitored and customized.

About Hollindia Group of Companies
The Hollindia Group of Companies was established in 1985 by Arvind Gokhale as a commission agent in The Netherlands facilitating trade between the East and the West. Being half Indian and half Dutch and therefore knowing both worlds, Arvind Gokhale quickly expanded the business with sales offices in The Netherlands, Poland and Morocco.
A few years later, offices and laboratories in West Africa, China and India followed together with Joint venture manufacturing facilities in China and India.

5 Years ago, the plants and activities of Eurosyntec and Taskar in India were added, as well as a sales office and warehousing in the UAE, thus enabling The Hollindia Group to cover the supply chain from manufacturing to the end market.

Our Company

  • Is situated on 12500 m2 in Roha, Maharastra with 2 warehouses in Bhiwandi, Mumbai.
  • Employs 60 people.
  • Avails of modern laboratories with high tech testing facilities.
  • Has continuous power and water supply as well as a sustainable, modern effluent treatment facility.
  • Has offices in Dubai, Poland, The Netherlands, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali & China.

Our Products

  • Dyes and Pigments for all applications.

Please download our shade cards here

Please download our shade cards here

  • All wire drawing, Deep drawing & Forging lubricants.
  • Specialty, metal stearates for the Grease, Coating, Plastic and other industries.